Rowing New South Wales Regattas Row Safe: A guide to rowing safely

2018 NSW Masters Championships

Date: Sat 26th - Sun 27th May , 2018
Venue: Sydney International Regatta Centre
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
 Session 1       
 HeatsHeats of events 60 to 75       
 HeatsHeats of events 79 to 93       
 Session 4       
 HeatsHeats of events 40 to 58       
 HeatsHeats of events 22 to 36       
 Session 6       
 HeatsHeats of events 1 to 20       
 Session 5       
 Session 3       
 Session 2       
 HeatsHeats of events 95 to 111       
21Mix A-C 2xMixed A-C Double Scull-MastersMixedScull21000M
37Mix A-C 4xMixed A-C Quad Scull-MastersMixedScull41000M
78Mix A-C 8+Mixed A-C Eight-MastersMixedSweep81000M
77Mix D-F 2xMixed D-F Double Scull-MastersMixedScull21000M
38Mix G-J 2xMixed G-J Double Scull-MastersMixedScull21000M
39MixD-F 4xMixed D-F Quad Scull-MastersMixedScull41000M
94MixD-F 8+Mixed D-F Eight-MastersMixedSweep81000M
59MixG-K 4xMixed G-K Quad Scull-MastersMixedScull41000M
76MixG-K 8+Mixed G-K Eight-MastersMixedSweep81000M
111MMA 1xMen's A Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
64MMA 2xMen's A Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
46MMA 4xMen's A Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
24MMA-B 2-Men's A-B Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
3MMA-B 4-Men's A-B Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
83MMA-B 8+Men's A-B Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
107MMB 1xMen's B Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
75MMB 2xMen's B Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
50MMB 4xMen's B Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
17MMC 1xMen's C Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
49MMC 2-Men's C Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
93MMC 2xMen's C Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
22MMC 4-Men's C Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
72MMC 4xMen's C Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
98MMC 8+Men's C Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
33MMD 1xMen's D Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
67MMD 2-Men's D Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
110MMD 2xMen's D Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
42MMD 4-Men's D Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
89MMD 4xMen's D Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
20MMD 8+Men's D Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
54MME 1xMen's E Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
87MME 2-Men's E Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
14MME 2xMen's E Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
68MME 4-Men's E Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
106MME 4xMen's E Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
31MME 8+Men's E Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
70MMF 1xMen's F Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
102MMF 2-Men's F Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
36MMF 2xMen's F Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
84MMF 4-Men's F Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
12MMF 4xMen's F Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
56MMF 8+Men's F Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
92MMG 1xMen's G Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
9MMG 2-Men's G Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
52MMG 2xMen's G Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
99MMG 4-Men's G Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
27MMG 4xMen's G Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
66MMG 8+Men's G Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
104MMH 1xMen's H Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
32MMH 2-Men's H Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
62MMH 2xMen's H Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
13MMH 4-Men's H Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
48MMH 4xMen's H Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
86MMH 8+Men's H Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
6MMI 1xMen's I Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
85MMI 2xMen's I Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
51MMI-K 2-Men's I-K Pair-MastersMaleSweep21000M
26MMI-K 4-Men's I-K Coxless Four-MastersMaleSweep41000M
60MMI-K 4xMen's I-K Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull41000M
96MMI-K 8+Men's I-K Eight-MastersMaleSweep81000M
7MMJ-K 1xMen's J-K Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
80MMJ-K 2xMen's J-K Double Scull-MastersMaleScull21000M
1MMPara 1xMen's Para Single Scull-MastersMaleScull11000M
40Para 2xPara Double Scull-ClubMixedScull21000M
57WMA 1xWomen's A Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
15WMA 2xWomen's A Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
97WMA 4xWomen's A Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
82WMA-B 2-Women's A-B Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
63WMA-B 4-Women's A-B Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
23WMA-B 8+Women's A-B Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
58WMB 1xWomen's B Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
16WMB 2xWomen's B Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
109WMB 4xWomen's B Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
74WMC 1xWomen's C Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
100WMC 2-Women's C Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
35WMC 2xWomen's C Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
79WMC 4-Women's C Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
18WMC 4xWomen's C Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
41WMC 8+Women's C Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
91WMD 1xWomen's D Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
8WMD 2-Women's D Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
53WMD 2xWomen's D Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
103WMD 4-Women's D Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
34WMD 4xWomen's D Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
73WMD 8+Women's D Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
108WME 1xWomen's E Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
28WME 2-Women's E Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
71WME 2xWomen's E Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
10WME 4-Women's E Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
55WME 4xWomen's E Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
88WME 8+Women's E Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
19WMF 1xWomen's F Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
43WMF 2-Women's F Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
90WMF 2xWomen's F Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
30WMF 4-Women's F Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
69WMF 4xWomen's F Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
105WMF 8+Women's F Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
29WMG 1xWomen's G Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
101WMG 2xWomen's G Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
47WMG 4-Women's G Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
61WMG 4xWomen's G Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
11WMG 8+Women's G Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
81WMG-K 2-Women's G-K Pair-MastersFemaleSweep21000M
45WMH 1xWomen's H Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
4WMH 2xWomen's H Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
65WMH-K 4-Women's H-K Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
95WMH-K 4xWomen's H-K Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull41000M
25WMH-K 8+Women's H-K Eight-MastersFemaleSweep81000M
44WMI-K 1xWomen's I-K Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M
5WMI-K 2xWomen's I-K Double Scull-MastersFemaleScull21000M
2WMPara 1xWomen's Para Single Scull-MastersFemaleScull11000M