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Lake Macquarie

2018 Lake Macquarie Rowing Club Regatta

Date: Sat 3rd February, 2018
Venue: Berry Park
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
27MA/B 1xMens A / B Grade Single Scull4ClubMaleSculling11750M
6MA/B 4+/-Men's A/B Grade Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep41750M
9MC 2xMen's C Grade Double Scull11ClubMaleSculling21000M
30MC 4xMen's C Grade Quad Scull13ClubMaleSculling41000M
8MD 1xMen's D Grade Single Scull19ClubMaleSculling11000M
29MD 4+/-Men's D Grade Coxed/Coxless Four3ClubMaleSweep41000M
42Mix 2xMixed Double Scull3ClubMixedSculling21000M
10Mix 4+/-Mixed Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMixedSweep41000M
21Mix 4xMixed Quad Scull2ClubMixedSculling41000M
31Mix 8+Mixed Eight1ClubMixedSweep81000M
1MixM 2xMixed Masters Double Scull5MastersMixedSculling21000M
22MixM 4xMixed Masters Quad Scull3MastersMixedSculling41000M
41MM 1xMen's Masters Single Scull6MastersMaleSculling11000M
20MM 4+/-Men's Masters Coxed/Coxless Four2MastersMaleSculling41000M
17MO 2-Men's Open Pair-ClubMaleSweep21000M
18MS1000 1xMen's Seeded 1000 Metre Single Scull28ClubMaleSculling11000M
28MS1000 2xMen's Seeded 1000 Metre Double Scull16ClubMaleSculling21000M
38MS1000 4+/-Men's Seeded 1000 Metre Coxed / Coxless Four4ClubMaleSweep41000M
7MS1000 4xMen's Seeded 1000 Metre Quad Scull13ClubMaleSculling41000M
40MU15 1xMen's Under 15 Single Scull16ClubMaleSculling11000M
19MU16 2xMen's Under 16 Double Scull11ClubMaleSculling21000M
39MU16 4x+Men's Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull7ClubMaleSculling41000M
37MU17/19/O 2xMens U17/U19/Open Double Scull9ClubMaleSculling21750M
16MU17/19/O 4xMens U17/U19/Open Quad Scull5ClubMaleSculling41750M
5WA/B 2xWomens A / B Grade Double Scull8ClubFemaleSculling21750M
26WA/B 4xWomens A / B Grade Quad Scull3ClubFemaleSculling41750M
24WC 2xWomen's C Grade Double Scull11ClubFemaleSculling21000M
3WC 4xWomen's C Grade Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling41000M
23WD 1xWomen's D Grade Single Scull20ClubFemaleSculling11000M
2WD 4+/-Women's D Grade Coxed/Coxless Four1ClubFemaleSweep41000M
13WM 1xWomen's Masters Single Scull5MastersFemaleSculling11000M
33WM 4+/-Women's Masters Coxed/Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
35WO 2-Women's Open Pair4ClubFemaleSweep21000M
15WO 4+/-Women's Open Coxed/Coxless Four1ClubFemaleSweep41750M
4WS1000 1xWomen's Seeded 1000 Metre Single Scull19ClubFemaleSculling11000M
14WS1000 2xWomen's Seeded 1000 Metre Double Scull18ClubFemaleSculling21000M
25WS1000 4+/-Women's Seeded 1000 Metre Coxed / Coxless Four1ClubFemaleSweep41000M
34WS1000 4xWomen's Seeded 1000 Metre Quad Scull6ClubFemaleSculling41000M
12WU15 1xWomen's Under 15 Single Scull11ClubFemaleSculling11000M
32WU16 2xWomen's Under 16 Double Scull8ClubFemaleSculling21000M
11WU16 4x+Womens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubFemaleSculling41000M
36WU17/19/O 1xWomens U17/U19/Open Single Scull13ClubFemaleSculling11750M
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