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Manning River

2018 Taree Summer Regatta

Date: Fri 12th - Sun 14th January , 2018
Venue: Manning River
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
3MA 1xMen's A Grade Single Scull5ClubMaleSculling12000M
66MA 2-Men's A Grade Coxless Pair2ClubMaleSweep22000M
35MA 2xMen's A Grade Double Scull4ClubMaleSculling22000M
82MA 4-Men's A Grade Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep42000M
19MA 4xMen's A Grade Quad Scull2ClubMaleSculling42000M
93MA 8+Mens A Grade Eight-ClubMaleSweep82000M
4MB 1xMen's B Grade Single Scull29ClubMaleSculling12000M
67MB 2-Men's B Grade Coxless Pair3ClubMaleSweep22000M
36MB 2xMen's B Grade Double Scull16ClubMaleSculling22000M
83MB 4-Men's B Grade Coxless Four1ClubMaleSweep42000M
20MB 4xMen's B Grade Quad Scull9ClubMaleSculling42000M
94MB 8+Mens B Grade Eight3ClubMaleSweep82000M
86MC 1xMen's C Grade Single Scull49ClubMaleSculling11000M
41MC 2-Men's C Grade Coxless Pair11ClubMaleSweep21000M
72MC 2xMen's C Grade Double Scull27ClubMaleSculling21000M
51MC 4+Men's C Grade Coxed Four14ClubMaleSweep41000M
6MC 4xMen's C Grade Quad Scull23ClubMaleSculling41000M
26MC 8+Mens C Grade Eight8ClubMaleSweep81000M
24MD 1xMen's D Grade Single Scull61ClubMaleSculling11000M
1MD 2xMen's D Grade Double Scull45ClubMaleSculling21000M
70MD 4+Men's D Grade Coxed Four14ClubMaleSweep41000M
39MD 4xMen's D Grade Quad Scull33ClubMaleSculling41000M
84MD 8+Mens D Grade Eight11ClubMaleSweep81000M
9Mix 4xMixed Quad Scull38ClubMixedSculling41000M
34Mix A 8+Mixed A Grade Eight18ClubMixedSweep81000M
23MM 1xMen's Masters Single Scull36MastersMaleSculling11000M
33MM 2-Men's Masters Pair13MastersMaleSweep21000M
48MM 2xMen's Masters Double Scull44MastersMaleSculling21000M
59MM 4+Men's Masters Coxed Four7MastersMaleSweep41000M
60MM 4-Men's Masters Coxless Four14MastersMaleSweep41000M
77MM 4xMen's Masters Quad Scull24MastersMaleSculling41000M
13MM 8+Men's Masters Eight11MastersMaleSweep81000M
56MO/L/U23 1xMens Open/Lwt/U23 Single Scull25ClubMaleSculling12000M
52MO/L/U23 2-Mens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Coxless Pair6ClubMaleSweep22000M
87MO/L/U23 2xMens Open/Lwt/U23 Double Scull10ClubMaleSculling22000M
28MO/L/U23 4-Mens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Coxless Four8ClubMaleSweep42000M
74MO/L/U23 4xMens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Quad Scull7ClubMaleSculling42000M
46MU16 1xMen's Under 16 Single Scull21ClubMaleSculling11000M
11MU16 2xMen's Under 16 Double Scull14ClubMaleSculling21000M
79MU16 4x+Men's Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull6ClubMaleSculling41000M
49MU17 1xMen's Under 17 Single Scull18ClubMaleSculling12000M
63MU17 2xMen's Under 17 Double Scull16ClubMaleSculling22000M
17MU17 4x+Men's Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull6ClubMaleSculling42000M
75MU19/21 1xMen's Under 19 / Under 21 Single Scull21ClubMaleSculling12000M
16MU19/21 2-Men's Under 19 / Under 21 Pair3ClubMaleSweep22000M
31MU19/21 2xMen's Under 19/21 Double Scull13ClubMaleSculling22000M
44MU19/21 4+Men's Under 19 / Under 21 Four7ClubMaleSweep42000M
89MU19/21 4xMen's Under 19/21 Quad Scull5ClubMaleSculling42000M
54Para 1xPara Single Scull1ClubMixedSculling11000M
10Para 2xPara Double Scull-ClubMixedSculling21000M
7WA 1xWomen's A Grade Single Scull2ClubFemaleSculling12000M
21WA 2-Women's A Grade Coxless Pair2ClubFemaleSweep22000M
80WA 2xWomen's A Grade Double Scull-ClubFemaleSculling22000M
37WA 4-Women's A Grade Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep42000M
64WA 4xWomen's A Grade Quad Scull2ClubFemaleSculling42000M
95WA 8+Womens A Grade Eight-ClubFemaleSweep82000M
8WB 1xWomen's B Grade Single Scull15ClubFemaleSculling12000M
22WB 2-Women's B Grade Coxless Pair5ClubFemaleSweep22000M
81WB 2xWomen's B Grade Double Scull9ClubFemaleSculling22000M
38WB 4-Women's B Grade Coxless Four2ClubFemaleSweep42000M
65WB 4xWomen's B Grade Quad Scull8ClubFemaleSculling42000M
96WB 8+Womens B Grade Eight1ClubFemaleSweep82000M
42WC 1xWomen's C Grade Single Scull30ClubFemaleSculling11000M
85WC 2-Women's C Grade Coxless Pair8ClubFemaleSweep21000M
27WC 2xWomen's C Grade Double Scull38ClubFemaleSculling21000M
92WC 4+Women's C Grade Coxed Four4ClubFemaleSweep41000M
2WC 4xWomen's C Grade Quad Scull18ClubFemaleSculling41000M
71WC 8+Womens C Grade Eight9ClubFemaleSweep81000M
69WD 1xWomen's D Grade Single Scull35ClubFemaleSculling11000M
5WD 2xWomen's D Grade Double Scull44ClubFemaleSculling21000M
25WD 4+Women's D Grade Coxed Four10ClubFemaleSweep41000M
50WD 4xWomen's D Grade Quad Scull36ClubFemaleSculling41000M
40WD 8+Womens D Grade Eight11ClubFemaleSweep81000M
68WM 1xWomen's Masters Single Scull31MastersFemaleSculling11000M
78WM 2-Women's Masters Pair19MastersFemaleSweep21000M
91WM 2xWomen's Masters Double Scull42MastersFemaleSculling21000M
14WM 4+Women's Masters Coxed Four8MastersFemaleSweep41000M
15WM 4-Women's Masters Coxless Four15MastersFemaleSweep41000M
32WM 4xWomen's Masters Quad Scull30MastersFemaleSculling41000M
58WM 8+Women's Masters Eight10MastersFemaleSweep81000M
53WO/L/U23 1xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Single Scull15ClubFemaleSculling12000M
43WO/L/U23 2xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Double Scull8ClubFemaleSculling22000M
29WO/L/U23 4xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling42000M
55WO/U23 2-Womens Open/Under 23 Coxless Pair3ClubFemaleSweep22000M
73WO/U23 4-Womens Open/Under 23 Coxless Four2ClubFemaleSweep42000M
12WU16 1xWomen's Under 16 Single Scull32ClubFemaleSculling11000M
57WU16 2xWomen's Under 16 Double Scull12ClubFemaleSculling21000M
47WU16 4x+Womens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubFemaleSculling41000M
90WU17 1xWomen's Under 17 Single Scull10ClubFemaleSculling12000M
18WU17 2xWomen's Under 17 Double Scull7ClubFemaleSculling22000M
62WU17 4x+Womens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubFemaleSculling42000M
30WU19/21 1xWomen's Under 19 / Under 21 Single Scull10ClubFemaleSculling12000M
61WU19/21 2-Women's Under 19/Under 21 Pair3ClubFemaleSweep22000M
76WU19/21 2xWomen's Under 19 / Under 21 Double Scull10ClubFemaleSculling22000M
88WU19/21 4+Women's Under 19 / Under 21 Four-ClubFemaleSweep42000M
45WU19/21 4xWomen's Under 19/21 Quad Scull4ClubFemaleSculling42000M
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