Rowing New South Wales Regattas Row Safe: A guide to rowing safely

2017 NSW Sprint Championships

Date: Sun 3rd December, 2017
Venue: Sydney International Regatta Centre
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
23AML 1xMens Lwt Single Scull8ClubMaleSculling1500M
3MM 1xMen's Masters Single Scull9MastersMaleSculling1500M
27MM 2-Men's Masters Pair7MastersMaleSweep2500M
19MM 2xMen's Masters Double Scull10MastersMaleSculling2500M
11MM 4-Men's Masters Coxless Four4MastersMaleSweep4500M
35MM 4xMen's Masters Quad Scull5MastersMaleSculling4500M
24MM 8+Men's Masters Eight1MastersMaleSweep8500M
23MO 1xMens Open Single Scull5ClubMaleSculling1500M
15MO/L/U23 2-Mens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Coxless Pair-ClubMaleSweep2500M
39MO/L/U23 2xMens Open/Lwt/U23 Double Scull9ClubMaleSculling2500M
31MO/L/U23 4-Mens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep4500M
7MO/L/U23 4xMens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Quad Scull5ClubMaleSculling4500M
33MU16 1xMen's Under 16 Single Scull28ClubMaleSculling1500M
9MU16 2xMen's Under 16 Double Scull17ClubMaleSculling2500M
16MU16 4x+Mens Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull11ClubMaleSculling4500M
33AMU17 1xMen's Under 17 Single Scull10ClubMaleSculling1500M
9AMU17 2xMen's Under 17 Double Scull8ClubMaleSculling2500M
16AMU17 4x+Mens Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull3ClubMaleSculling4500M
13MU19 1xMen's Under 19 Single Scull16ClubMaleSculling1500M
29MU19 2xMen's Under 19 Double Scull9ClubMaleSculling2500M
5MU19/21 2-Men's Under 19 / Under 21 Pair4ClubMaleSweep2500M
21MU19/21 4+Men's Under 19 / Under 21 Four4ClubMaleSweep4500M
37MU19/21 4xMen's Under 19/21 Quad Scull6ClubMaleSculling4500M
13AMU21 1xMen's Under 21 Single Scull9ClubMaleSculling1500M
29AMU21 2xMen's Under 21 Double Scull4ClubMaleSculling2500M
23BMU23 1xMens U23 Single Scull3ClubMaleSculling1500M
1CPara 1xPara Single Scull (Trunk and Arms)1ClubMixedSculling1500M
1BPara 1xPara Single Scull1ClubMixedSculling1500M
1APara 1xPara Single Scull (Trunk and Arms)1ClubMixedSculling1500M
1Para 1xPara Single Scull2ClubMixedSculling1500M
17Para 2xPara Double Scull4ClubMixedSculling2500M
10WM 1xWomen's Masters Single Scull14MastersFemaleSculling1500M
2WM 2-Women's Masters Pair4MastersFemaleSweep2500M
34WM 2xWomen's Masters Double Scull8MastersFemaleSculling2500M
26WM 4-Women's Masters Coxless Four3MastersFemaleSweep4500M
18WM 4xWomen's Masters Quad Scull4MastersFemaleSculling4500M
40WM 8+Women's Masters Eight1MastersFemaleSweep8500M
38WO/L/U23 1xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Single Scull7ClubFemaleSculling1500M
14WO/L/U23 2xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Double Scull6ClubFemaleSculling2500M
30WO/L/U23 4xWomens Open/Lwt/Under 23 Quad Scull-ClubFemaleSculling4500M
22WO/U23 2-Womens Open/Under 23 Coxless Pair4ClubFemaleSweep2500M
6WO/U23 4-Womens Open/Under 23 Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep4500M
8WU16 1xWomen's Under 16 Single Scull40ClubFemaleSculling1500M
25WU16 2xWomen's Under 16 Double Scull17ClubFemaleSculling2500M
32WU16 4x+Women's Under 16 Coxed Quad Scull13ClubFemaleSculling4500M
8AWU17 1xWomen's Under 17 Single Scull10ClubFemaleSculling1500M
25AWU17 2xWomen's Under 17 Double Scull8ClubFemaleSculling2500M
28WU19 1xWomen's Under 19 Single Scull13ClubFemaleSculling1500M
12WU19/21 2-Women's Under 19/Under 21 Pair2ClubFemaleSweep2500M
4WU19/21 2xWomen's Under 19 / Under 21 Double Scull9ClubFemaleSculling2500M
36WU19/21 4+Women's Under 19 / Under 21 Four5ClubFemaleSweep4500M
20WU19/21 4xWomen's Under 19/21 Quad Scull5ClubFemaleSculling4500M
28AWU21 1xWomen's Under 21 Single Scull4ClubFemaleSculling1500M
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