2017 Head of the Shoalhaven

Date: Sat 23rd September, 2017
Venue: Shoalhaven River
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
8MD 8+Mens D Grade Eight-ClubMaleSweep86.5K
23Mix 4+/-Mixed Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMixedSweep46.5K
16Mix 4xMixed Quad Scull-ClubMixedScull46.5K
7Mix 8+Mixed Eight-ClubMixedSweep86.5K
21MM 4+/-Men's Masters Coxed/Coxless Four-MastersMaleScull46.5K
11MM 4xMen's Masters Quad Scull-MastersMaleScull46.5K
5MM 8+Men's Masters Eight-MastersMaleSweep86.5K
17MO 4+/-Men's Open Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep46.5K
10MO 4xMen's Open Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull46.5K
1MO 8+Men's Open Eight-ClubMaleSweep86.5K
19MU19 4+ / 4-Mens Under 19 Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubMaleSweep46.5K
14MU19 4xMen's Under 19 Quad Scull-ClubMaleScull46.5K
2MU19 8+Men's Under 19 Eight-ClubMaleSweep86.5K
9WD 8+Womens D Grade Eight-ClubFemaleSweep86.5K
22WM 4+/-Women's Masters Coxed/Coxless Four-MastersFemaleSweep46.5K
13WM 4xWomen's Masters Quad Scull-MastersFemaleScull46.5K
6WM 8+Women's Masters Eight-MastersFemaleSweep86.5K
18WO 4+/-Women's Open Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep46.5K
12WO 4xWomen's Open Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull46.5K
3WO 8+Women's Open Eight-ClubFemaleSweep86.5K
20WU19 4+ / 4-Womens Under 19 Coxed/Coxless Four-ClubFemaleSweep46.5K
15WU19 4xWomen's Under 19 Quad Scull-ClubFemaleScull46.5K
4WU19 8+Women's Under 19 Eight-ClubFemaleSweep86.5K
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